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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Review of film: “THE WRESTLER” — He Grapples with LIFE as much as with other athletes

Review of film:  THE WRESTLERHe Grapples with LIFE as much as with other athletes =

     Rating:  9.5 of 10 stars:

Date Rated: Mar 1, 2009 | Rel. Date: Dec 17, 2008

I finally was able to see this film that got so many rave reviews for star MICKEY ROURKE. He (and director ARANOFSKY) deserved the accolades, because he gives an incendiary type performance as a wrestler still trying to do small shows 20 years after his hey-day in the ring...

...  You not only see him suffering for his “art”, but also working hard in his relationships with co-workers, friends (such as MARISA TOMEI in a gutsy role of a stripper trying to earn money for raising a young son), his estranged daughter (EVAN RACHEL WOOD) and others...

...  The ambience is strongly improved by scenes of the camaraderie, respect and concern between his fellow wrestlers, incidents of his having to deal with people in his “DAY” job at a food store (especially at a deli counter), his handling problems with his deteriorating health, & others...

...  An impressive film, for which he deserved his Oscar nomination as Leading Actor— tho I still feel SEAN PENN deserved to win it for his more complex performance in “MILK”.

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