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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Review of film: “TWO LOVERS” – Actually 4, & most of them are CONFUSED!

Review of film:    TWO LOVERS  Actually 4, & most of them are CONFUSED! = 
                        [ RATING:   7.5 of 10 stars ]  
(Based on an advance preview:) The synopsis didn’t give me a very favorable anticipation of this— but it was considerably BETTER than expected...

...  JOAQUIN PHOENIX (in purportedly the “last” acting role he’ll agree to do) plays a troubled (seemingly bi-polar type) guy in NY who’s looking for a new love in life as he lives at home with somewhat “hovering” parents (ISABELLA ROSSELLINI & MONI MOSHONOV) whom he works for...

...  His Dad’s friend has a daughter (VINESSA SHAW) who seems to fall for him--  but he’s attracted to a neighbor woman (GWYNETH PALTROW) who has drug problems and is involved with a married guy (which causes Joaquin to almost stalk her at times)...
...  There are a surprising number of humorous little incidents weaved into the film as Joaquin (who does a FINE job) flips back & forth between the women in his life...

...  I found a number of twists in this frequently believable (but sometimes sad) story. Overall it’s a well-done (even if not great) melodrama about often-befuddled relationships.

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