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Saturday, February 5, 2011

Review of film: “POST GRAD”

Review of film:  POST GRAD 

                –  Job-Hunting becomes frustratingly hard for people in QUIRKY families

                     Rating: 7.5 of 10 stars.

This romantic comedy is surprisingly WELL-DONE, funny (in a non-sleazy way) & ENJOYABLE…

…  Ryden Malby (ALEXIS BLEDEL) is a new college graduate who’s dying to get a job at the top publishing company in Los Angeles. She’s always supported by her devoted boyfriend Adam Davies (ZACH GILFORD), who knows he loves her more than vice versa & holds off going to law school in New York so he can stay around her and work to be a performing singer - guitarist…

…  Her family tends to be resolutely eccentric: Dad (MICHAEL KEATON) who keeps trying to find get-rich-quick schemes; Mom (JANE LYNCH); Grandma (CAROL BURNETT); & her younger brother Hunter (BOBBY COLEMAN)…

…  But Alexis DOESN’T easily get the job she wanted, has a lot of employment problems, & has to keep living at home near sexy neighbor David (RODRIGO SANTORO)-- which causes strains with Zach…

…  The script is clever (without being overdone), the acting really believable & FINE by all involved, the soundtrack really good (like Fox’s “500 DAYS OF SUMMER”), & thus I’m happy to recommend it.      

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