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Sunday, February 6, 2011

Review of film: “EXTRACT”


Review of film:  EXTRACT

--  Comedy Distilled into a Pleasant experience =

           Rating: 7 of 10 stars (based on an advance screening).

Their ad claims (typically) that this is “the funniest comedy of the year”, which it ISN’T (& that title should go to “I LOVE YOU MAN”, in my opinion)

 What this is, is a diverting, MILD (rather than wild) situational comedy with some very effective understated acting, a number of small laughs, and some refreshing ideas (rather than really clever lines).

  Joel (JASON BATEMAN) is the owner of an extract (flavors)-bottling plant, assisted by Brian (J.K. SIMMONS). The plant has numerous employees who are INEPT (such as “Step”, played by CLIFTON COLLINS JR.), apathetic & sometimes racist…

 Jason is upset at the emotional indifference of his wife (KRISTEN WIIG), & follows advice of druggie friend Dean (BEN AFFLECK) on how to help make him feel better (namely, with a little gigilo-ing by moronic “Brad” played by DUSTIN MILLIGAN)…

 Pretty Cindy (MILA KUNIS) is a crook who lies & rips-off people to try to get money, & she sets her sights on Jason’s company (including via lawyer “Joe” played by GENE SIMMONS).

  It’s pleasant to see a comedy like this that’s NOT based on gross-out or vicious humor & which instead relies on its characters & situations for amusement…  I would’ve liked to see more clever writing, tho.

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