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Saturday, February 5, 2011

Review of film: “SHORTS”

Review of film:  “SHORTS

        –  A Multi-Segment film aimed at KIDS =

               Rating:  6.5 of 10 stars (based upon ban advance screening).

This film was written & directed by Robert Rodriguez & very simply is effectively aimed at KIDS (& I’m taking that into account in how I’m rating it)…

…  JAMES SPADER runs the Black Box company that wants to control the world’s commerce. He employs a married Thompson couple (JON CRYER & LESLIE MANN) who have a son Toe (JIMMY BENNETT) who is regularly bullied by James’ kids Cole (DEVON GEARHART) & Helvetica (JOLIE VANIER)…

…  Jimmy (who needs to wear teeth braces) finds a magic “Wishing Rock” which he uses to try to fight the bullies & make his life easier. The rock keeps getting found or taken by others including his sister Stacey (KAT DENNINGS), friends, the bullies, some of the adults (including WILLIAM H. MACY) and others, since they want the power it can give them…

…  There’s a bunch of purposely-silly jokes & special effects aimed at kids (such as about boogers), a lot of running around, and eventual “progress” for the various family members…

…  Adults will likely find this sort of ho-hum, but it’s not aimed at them. It’s directed at kids, & they’ll probably like it.

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