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Sunday, February 6, 2011

Review of film: “LIFE FOR SALE”


Review of film:  LIFE FOR SALE

 You have to be very careful what you try to SELL on the Internet! =

                       Rating: 7.5 of 10 stars.

This was the 12th in the FREE every-Wednesday Summer series of foreign films hosted by the CHICAGO INT’L. FILM FESTIVAL (= CIFF) at the Cultural Center…

  In his introduction to the German-language film “LUFTBUSINESS” by director Dominique de Rivaz (subtitled in English & French), the Consul General from SWITZERLAND commented that, with the cool, rainy weather today, he was expecting maybe 40 people would show up.  But, once again, it was another turn-away FULL-house of 320 or so people, & he was very surprised & gratified by that fact…

… This is a strange but fascinating film, inspired by true events. Three young homeless guys do what they can to try to earn money including selling blood: Filou (TOMAS LEMARQUIS) is a chipper baldheaded guy who works as a dog-walker, & periodically helps a man who checks on the condition of the destitute people living in boxes & the like…

 Mo (DOMINIQUE JANN) is a ladies man who takes experimental pills for companies doing studies… Young ‘Russian’ Liocha (JOEL BASMAN) is a regular sperm donor who has a pet chicken. They all live together in an abandoned greenhouse, & try to be supportive of each other.

… Then, Tomas gets the idea to try to sell peculiar things on the INTERNET:  Joel sells his PAST (childhood); Dominique sells his FUTURE; & air-guitarist Tomas tries to sell his SOUL

 Those “Faustian pact” efforts (& previous money-earning activities) end up causing many pains & PROBLEMS for the youths. The ending is somewhat vague, which was disappointing because you grew to CARE about all the charming guys (every one of whom did a fine acting job). 

[ Next week, the FREE film on 9-2-09 will be from Italy. The film noir “caper” movie “NIGHT BUS” concerns a bus driver with gambling debts meeting up with a woman who helps convince him to try a blackmail scheme involving a microchip to try to get money. ]

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