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Saturday, February 5, 2011

Review of film: “INKHEART"

Review of film:  INKHEART"

             –  “Silver-tongue” Devils are hard to come by!

                    Rating: 7 of 10 stars (based on a Library screening of a DVD of it).

BRENDAN FRASER is Mo, husband of recently-disappeared Resa (SIENNA GUILLORY) & single father to his daughter Meggie (ELIZA HOPE BENNETT). In the past, he used to do a lot of reading aloud, being called “Silvertongue”--  but stopped that because problems arose of things being caused to HAPPEN by his reading aloud from books about them…

…  He searches for a copy of a specific book called “Inkheart” because that’s the story that created all the problems people have suffered from.  He’s pursued by a shifty fellow named Dustfinger (PAUL BETTANY) & evil Capricorn (ANDY SERKIS) & his henchmen, who want to force him to read aloud things they WANT to come to pass (for their own personal agendas including becoming very powerful)…

…  His aunt Elinor (HELEN MIRREN) & a young shoplifter Farid (RAFI GAVRON) try to help him rescue his wife & recently-captured daughter (who some people think also may have his “gift”)…

…  This chase fantasy has a bunch of special effects (altho mainly just at the end), &, while it’s nothing great (& periodically slow & talky), it has a certain low-key charm to it all, & the kids in the audience seemed to be mostly entertained by the film.    

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