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Saturday, February 5, 2011

Review of film: “21 AND A WAKEUP”

Review of film:  “21 AND A WAKEUP

      --  A Wakeup Call about the problems caused by Lying Politicians =

                           Rating:  7 of 10 stars  (based on an advance screening).

This film is set in the closing days of the Vietnam war, & is based on various TRUE stories and people…

…  It mainly concerns a group of Vietnam-based nurses as the American effort is being wound down (& the title describes the amount of service time one has left). The principal subject is independent-minded nurse Caitlyn (AMY ACKER), who rebels against the inflexible, by-the-book attitude of Major Rose (FAYE DUNAWAY)…

…  Other nurses are medically-talented Jenny (DANICA McKELLAR), Abigail (ALLISON HENRY), Skylar (KRISTYN GREEN) & a Corpsman (ANNA HAGOPIAN). There are some talented doctors (such as WES STUDI & ROB SHAPIRO), some bad ones, & a sexy lady singer Xenia (T. LOPEZ) visiting the base…

…  The story concerns medical problems that arise, & Amy going with journalist Chris (TODD CAHOON) on a dangerous secret mission to Cambodia to honor a promise to a recently-killed cohort.

The film covers a lot of interesting ground & is basically WELL-done (tho it has some “over-the-top” & slightly stiff acting before the somewhat “hopeful” end)…

…  It made me sad thinking of the problems caused by many decades of politicians & military men (like in the Johnson, Nixon, Reagan & Bush administrations) DECEIVING the public to foster their private agendas & obliviousness.

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