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Sunday, February 6, 2011

Review of film: “IN THE LOOP”

Review of film:  IN THE LOOP

--  From “Useful Hypocrisy” to “‘BUGSY MALONE’ with Real Guns” =   

                 Rating:  8 of 10 stars

This clever satire has a bunch of witty comments (including ones quoted above), funny characters & situations and zestful acting…

 Simon (TOM HOLLANDER) is the British Secretary of State for Int’l Development & suffers from “Biden-itis”— foolishly making unwise, often senseless & inane statements. Since some of those comments sound anti-war, & the British & US governments are secretly ramping-up to try to start a conflict with Iraq, that infuriates the PM’s (Prime Minister’s) Potty-Mouthed truth-twister Malcolm (PETER CAPALDI)…

 In the U.S., cabinet woman Karen (MIMI KENNEDY) is trying to STOP the secrecy & deception, & allies with her intern (ANNA CHLUMSKY) & General Miller (JAMES GANDOLFINI) to try to utilize Simon & his periodically-dishonest assistant (CHRIS ADDISON) in their cause…

 They’re opposed by a bunch of typically deceitful Bush-ite war-hucksters, personified by Linton (DAVID RASCHE). You’ll see a bunch of twists & turns as the pro-war mongerers try to blackmail & otherwise force others to rewrite the truth & back their plans…

 The politics-based ins-&-outs, back-stabbings & position-changes make for a juicy (& frightening!) parody.

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