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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Review of film: “ECHELON CONSPIRACY” – YOU might get CAUGHT (UP in the PLOT and…)

Review of film:   ECHELON CONSPIRACY” – YOU might get CAUGHT (UP in the PLOT and…)  
                         [ RATING:  7.5 of 10 stars ] 
(Based on an advance preview):  This spy-related drama (with a not very good title) is surprisingly ENJOYABLE.  SHAWN WEST (of “ER”) plays a computer engineer who starts getting mysterious messages on a cell phone (ala “EAGLE EYE”)...

...  He starts following the instructions texted to him (tho it’s never explained just WHY he would do that), & goes flitting between Thailand and Prague in the Czech Republic. He’s hounded by an FBI agent (VING RHAMES), an ex-agent (ED BURNS) and a powerful U.S. govt minister (MARTIN SHEEN)...
...  Throw in some Russians, a shadowy romantic interest, some fine car chases, intrusive cameras everywhere, and you’ve got an interesting and fun ride. Is “Big Brother” watching him? And, if so, who (if anyone) is really CONTROLLING Big Brother?! There are elements of ‘WAR GAMES’ and various other action films...

...  Outside of an overly-loud soundtrack, this is a pleasing action excursion that’s gotten little publicity.

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