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Saturday, February 5, 2011

Review of film: “PONYO”

Review of film:  “PONYO

         – A Charming animated film about a FISH Out of Water

                    Rating: 8 of 10 stars.

Studio Ghibli helped prepare this finely-done Japanese animated film with English-speaking actors doing voice-overs for various characters: LIAM NEESON plays an underwater wizard who controls the creatures there, one of whom is a daughter goldfish (CATE BLANCHETT) who chances to be captured in a pail by a young boy exploring the seaside…

…  The hard-to-control daughter has magic powers that allows her to become a HUMAN child who plays with the boy. The boy’s mother (voiced by TINA FEY) helps take care of people in a nursing home, including a bunch of young-spirited elderly women (one of whom is voiced by BETTY WHITE). In time, a huge flood hits the area, and the boy & newly-human girl work to try to find his mother & various other town citizens including the nursing home people…

…  The numerous pre-teens in the audience very much ENJOYED the colorful & well-animated story, often talking aloud about it (such as, “Mommy--  she’s a child again!”). The overarching story about “saving” the world is nice, altho weakly explained--  but, for children, this is an ELEGANTLY done concoction they’re likely to enjoy.

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