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Saturday, February 5, 2011

Review of film: “CARJACKED”

Review of film:  CARJACKED 

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                      Rating:  7 of 10 stars.

This film was done by students as a special project at CHICAGO VOCATIONAL HIGH SCHOOL, with some technical & financial backing by the IFP Org. (In the past, when they were still being presented, students from that school had won Student Emmys for their film-making work)...

… This project was written by the director, based on some people and incidents she encountered: A guy has trouble waking up, his girlfriend visits & tries to get him off to school— but his car was in very bad running shape (as shown by the line ‘Hold up the mirror!’)…

  That fact doesn’t deter 2 ‘Nerds’ from STEALING the clunker, & later being found & confronted at the school. Some of the young people in this (such as the bug-eyed angry girlfriend JASMINE McNEELY, her BFF DROFFILC JOHNSON, the 2 Nerds, etc.) have a real flair for comedy, & it made for an enjoyable little short film--  considerably better than some studio-backed projects like ‘THE GOODS”’

 After the film, the audience at Columbia College asked questions of the cast & crew & held a little reception for them.  It’s good that some of the people involved in this & past projects are pursuing CAREERS in the film-making industry. 

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