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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Review of film: “ICE AGE: DAWN OF THE DINOSAURS” — Not all Adoptions work out well! =


                              —  Not all Adoptions work out well! =

                              Rating:  7.5 of 10 stars (as seen in 2-D).

This 3rd in the animated series is a generally CLEVER & enjoyable outing. Mammoths Ellie (voiced by QUEEN LATIFAH) & Manny (RAY ROMANO) are expecting a baby…

...  That makes sabre-toothed cat Diego (DENIS LEARY) feel somewhat “left-out” of the “Group”, tho sloth Sid (JOHN LEGUIZAMO) & hyper opossums Crash (SEANN WILLIAM SCOTT) & Eddie (JOSH PECK) are happy for them…

 Sid chances to find 3 untended eggs in a cave & brings them home, not realizing they are DINOSAURS, who hatch & adopt him as their parent. That doesn’t set well with his REAL mother, a T-Rex that they chance to find in a “lost world”…

 Nutty Sid is caught by the mother & (while the others in the ”Group” try to RESCUE him), he tries to convince the Mom to encourage the babies to be VEGETARIANS rather than carnivores. In their search & efforts to avoid other aggressive dinosaurs, the Group is helped by a whacked-out Weasel named Buck (SIMON PEGG)…

 There are numerous (& probably a bit too many) interludes with the squirrel Scrat (CHRIS WEDGE) who fights with a lady squirrel he meets to try to get an acorn he’s obsessed with. Overall, it’s both funny & FUN, with some fine animation.

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