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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Review of film: “TERMINATOR SALVATION” – It’s always good to be ‘SAVED’!


                      – It’s always good to be "SAVED"!  =

                                   Rating:  8 of 10 stars.

This # 4 in the series has the remaining Humans working hard to try to stop the Machines from finishing off what’s left of them after a Nuclear war…

 John Connor (CHRISTIAN BALE) tries to rally his group in southern California, & goes back in time to try to find and save his (now younger) ancestor Kyle Reese (ANTON YELCHIN) & his young associate Star (JADAGRACE BERRY). A mysterious stranger Marcus Wright (SAM WORTHINGTON) comes along & tries to help Kyle— tho people aren’t sure whose ‘side’ he’s really ON (or just what his ‘story’ is)…

 In many ways, the film revolves around Marcus & his involvement with the other main stars. There’s a bunch of well-done sets & some fine CGI fight scenes, with lots of “1-on-1” combat between the various ‘Skynet’ Machines and the put-upon Humans…

  Many questions are posed, mainly about who’ll win out in plans to attack the local Skynet headquarters & what’ll happen TIMELINE-wise if Kyle is killed in the attack…

 Yes, the film is very ‘loud’ & somewhat “repetitive” (in the frequent battles) — but, to me, it’s WELL-DONE & ‘FITS’ in the story-telling. It’s not great, but it’s worth grabbing your popcorn, sitting back & enjoying the excesses.

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