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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Review of film: “HUMPDAY” + Q&A with Director LYNN SHELTON = Is Bro-mance WORTH the possible problems?!

Review of film:   HUMPDAY  + Q&A with Director LYNN SHELTON

                           – Is Bro-mance WORTH the possible problems?!  = 
  [ Rating:  8 of 10 stars due to specially-known facts of how it was filmed ]
Date Rated: Jun 30, 2009 | Rel. Date: Jul 10, 2009

This won the Special Jury drama prize at Sundance. Back from Mexico, Andrew (JOSHUA LEONARD) suddenly decides to make a 2 AM surprise visit to his ex-college buddy Ben (MARK DUPLASS) who’s now married to ANNA (ALYCIA DELMORE)…
 After they let him crash at their home, Andrew later meets Monica (Director LYNN SHELTON) & invites Ben to her home for a party there with a bunch of her sexually-“creative” hippyish friends...

...  Ben stays, gets drunk & comes up with an idea for an entry in the “HUMPDAY” Festival— joining Andrew in a PORNO ‘art’ project. Ben is less than candid in the way he later talks to his wife about his idea, & the film details what HAPPENS between them all…
 During a post-screening Q&A, Director LYNN SHELTON explained how the 3 leads were able to act so exceptionally ‘NATURAL’ in their often-funny conversations & actions: after being given her ‘parameters’, they were told to CREATE most of their OWN dialog!..
 And, the very end was totally UN-scripted [created AD-LIB by the actors involved at the time of the filming!], making for an amazing & very WELL-done dramedy…  [It was because of that fine ad-lib work that I rated the film as high as I did]…
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