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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Review of film: “BOLT -- IN DISNEY DIGITAL 3D” -- It’s a Bird, It’s a Plane -- No, it’s a Super DOG!

Review of film:    BOLT -- IN DISNEY DIGITAL 3D  --  It’s a Bird, It’s a Plane --  No, it’s a Super DOG! =    
                             [ Rating:  8 of 10 stars ]
Date Rated: Dec 21, 2008 | Rel. Date: Nov 21, 2008
This animated Disney film is the story of a dog named BOLT starring in a TV series. He (as voiced by JOHN TRAVOLTA) doesn’t realize that the “super powers” he has on the show are all FAKED & don’t exist...

...  That comes into play when he’s separated from the girl Penny (voiced by MILEY CYRUS) who’s his owner on the TV show & he tries to get back to her. Since he doesn’t really have the super powers he expects, he needs to be helped by various animal companions including:

...  Pigeons, a cat named Mittens (voiced by SUSIE ESSMAN) who knows he’s just an average dog, and a hamster Rhino (voiced by MARK WALTON) who still thinks his sci-fi TV persona is real...

...  There are numerous clever adventures as the group fights baddies and a threatening accident to reunite Bolt with Penny...

...  I found the Digital 3-D version to be frequently FUNNY & CHARMING, well acted and constructed, and an enjoyable time spent (as was the Pixar short preceding it featuring a tow truck from the “CARS” film having a race in Tokyo).

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