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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Review of film: “GRAN TORINO” -- A GRAND Tour of fine ACTING

Review of film:   GRAN TORINO  --  A GRAND Tour of fine ACTING =    

                       [ Rating:  9 of 10 stars ]

Date Rated: Feb 10, 2009 | Rel. Date: Dec 12, 2008
CLINT EASTWOOD both directed & starred in this film, & it’s one of the most impressive undertakings released in 2008 on both counts...

...  Clint plays a just-widowed man, Walt, who’s suffused with anger towards almost everyone around him: He denigrates the attitudes of the young church pastor (CHRISTOPHER CARLEY), initially puts-down & insults his Hmong neighbor kids (AHNEY HER as self-confident Sue and BEE VANG as her shy brother Thao), dismisses his sons & their kids, etc....

...  His stock-in-trade is verbal abuse and foul language, & he’s only nice to his dog & barber...

...  After responding with fury to an attempt at stealing his Gran Torino car, Walt becomes sort of protective towards the downtrodden Hmong people in his immediate neighborhood, and they respond to him with unexpected warmth and appreciation...

...  With increasing tolerance, he tries to help Thao become more self-assured and encourages him to use his abilities. The thought-provoking ending is shocking, but FINELY done, as is the movie.

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