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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Review of film: “SEX DRIVE” -- The Urge to “MERGE” May Make You Splurge!

Review of film:   “SEX DRIVE  --  The Urge to “MERGE” May Make You Splurge! =
                   [ Rating:  8 of 10 stars ]
Date Rated: Sep 16, 2008 | Rel. Date: Oct 17, 2008 =

[Based on an advance preview:]  Ian (JOSH ZUCKERMAN) is about to graduate high school. As a reluctant virgin, he desperately wants to change that status by traveling cross-country to met a sexy-sounding girl he met on-line...

...  He’s joined by two friends, secretly-attracted-to-him Felicia (AMANDA CREW) and nerdy-looking but socially-charming Lance (CLARK DUKE). On the way to Ian’s hoped-for "coming-of-age" [episode], they’re chased by Ian’s angry brother (JAMES MARSDEN), and they get caught up in various unwise and law-breaking activities...

...  Typical of this summer’s R-rated comedies, this has a bunch of raunchy episodes in the midst of its ridiculousness. But, unlike many of those films, this one has some real CLEVERNESS, such as in the form of a guilt-trip-inducing Amish guy (well played by SETH GREEN)...

...  There’s a bunch of really FUNNY situations and lines in this surprisingly well-done, carefree comedy, & that’s why I rated it as I have.

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