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Saturday, February 5, 2011

Review of film: “THE PROPOSAL”

Review of film:  THE PROPOSAL

     --  An Invitation to a Comedy that actually WORKS =

                         Rating:  8 of 10 stars.

Unlike the loud but empty “THE GOODS”, this film really “WORKS” effectively…

 SANDRA BULLOCK is quite believable as a rhymes-with-witchy book Editor named Margaret who disdainfully orders around her underlings, including her assistant Andrew (finely played by RYAN REYNOLDS in the best thing he’s done so far)…

 But Sandra suddenly discovers that Immigration plans to deport her back to Canada— unless she can coerce American Ryan to suddenly marry her.  He’s reluctant to get involved--  until she agrees to back his deep ambition of having his book published…

 They go to his hometown of Sitka, Alaska, where they need to deal with his Dad (CRAIG T. NELSON) who’s alienated him by trying to force him to take over the family businesses, his understanding mom (MARY STEENBERGEN), & his eccentric grandma (enthusiastically played by veteran BETTY WHITE with her usual great sense of comic timing)…

 Little-by-little, Sandra & Ryan hesitantly get to really know each other with their ”guards” down, & have to decide what’s really best for their individual futures. It’s often very funny, heartfelt, & a joyful paean to GOOD writing & acting.        

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