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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Review of film: “PALOMA DELIGHT” – Do Scammers always get away with it?

Review of film:   PALOMA DELIGHT   Do Scammers always get AWAY with it? = 
Rating:  8 of 10 stars  (as seen at the Chicago Cultural Ctr., as part of the "Summer" screening series of the CIFF = CHICAGO INT'L FILM FESTIVAL)
Date Rated: Jul 9, 2009
“PALOMA DELIGHT” is a cleverly-done, very well-acted FRENCH – ALGERIAN film about a lady con artist Aldgeria (BAYOUNA) who is willing to do almost anything to get money to fulfill her dream of buying a hot-springs spa...

...  She recruits women (including “Paloma”) to be “ESCORTS”, including a scam to try to seduce a theater owner so the wife can divorce him & gain control of the theater…
 Her bird-loving son (DANIEL LUNDH) is a reluctant accomplice in her schemes, and various women initially support & work for her to achieve their own agendas. The story is told mostly in the form of flashback (since BAYOUNA is just getting out of JAIL for a failed intrigue when the film starts)…
 There’s a fascinating weaving of various plots as people move in, out & back in her scheming orbit of swindles as they all try to survive in an increasingly difficult situation.

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