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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Review of film: “I LOVE YOU, BETH COOPER” -- Can a Nerd rehabilitate himself via Public Comments?

Review of film:   I LOVE YOU, BETH COOPER  -- Can a Nerd rehabilitate himself via Public Comments? = 
Rating:  7 of 10 stars (per an advance screening). 
Date Rated: Jul 10, 2009 | Rel. Date: Jul 10, 2009

This is a mildly charming, generally sweet film mainly aimed at a teenage audience (which seemed to “relate” to & enjoy it).  Nerdy high school valedictorian Denis (PAUL RUST), urged on by his best friend Rich (JACK CARPENTER), gives a grad speech in which he makes comments about classmates— calling one stuck-up, one a bully, one gay, & one – Beth Cooper (HAYDEN PANATIERRE) – as being the object of his love…
 With a hidden agenda (including upsetting her current boyfriend Kevin – played by SHAWN ROBERTS), Beth & 2 girlfriends (Cammy, played by LAUREN LONDON, & Treece, played by LAUREN STORM) show up at Denis’ grad party. As the girls & guys spend time together, there are the “usual” high-jinks-- getting drunk, driving badly, fighting, making out, etc…
 It’s not especially clever or funny or very boisterous, but you end up understanding & “pulling” for the good guys. The decently-acted film achieves what it sets out to, namely, make some gentle observations about difficulties in growing up.

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