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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Review of film: “A LETTER FROM AN UNKNOWN WOMAN” – Obsession is a BAD basis for actions

Review of film:  A LETTER FROM AN UNKNOWN WOMANObsession is a BAD basis for actions  = 

                                        Rating:  7.5 of 10 stars.  

This was the 7th in the FREE every-Wednesday Summer series of foreign films hosted by the CHICAGO INT’L. FILM FESTIVAL (= CIFF) at the Cultural Center.

… Yes, it’s “DÉJÀ VU” all over again:  The subtitled Chinese film is set in the wartime years of the 1930’s & 1940’s &, as explained in a letter a woman anonymously sends to a once-famous writer as she’s dying, it tells the story of a girl who becomes intrigued by his arrival in the area where she lived…

 The letter makes clear that the woman not only is KNOWN to the man, but that he met her a NUMBER of times, & each time made clear he DIDN’T REMEMBER their previous get-togethers. Her chronicling reveals that, as she grows older, her interest in him turns to obsession, & she eagerly accepts his actions towards starting an affair with her...

… That leads to her having a child she never tells him about, & her becoming an “escort” for well-to-do people. World War II & then the Chinese Civil War (between the Nationalists & Communists) intervenes in their lives, & yet they still manage to have periodic meetings with each other. Her fixation leads to a sad but fascinating conclusion.

[ Next Wednesday 7-29-09, the FREE movie is a Brazilian thriller “THE DAY OF THE HUNTER” about drug smuggling.  There have been “turn-away” crowds lately, so you’d be wise to arrive EARLY if you want to get a seat!  It was announced that this year’s 15-week series will expand to a 25-week series at Chicago’s Cultural Center next year. ]

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