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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Review of film: “IMAGINE THAT!” -- With talk by star YARA SHAHADI = Imaginary characters can choose stocks better than the ‘Pros’

Review of film:  “IMAGINE THAT!” --  Imaginary characters can choose stocks better than the "PROS" =   With TALK by star YARA SHAHADI

                         Rating: 7 of 10 stars (based on an advance screening:)      

EDDIE MURPHY plays a divorced hot-shot Denver stock-broker Evan who has little patience when he has to care for his 8-year-old daughter Olivia (wonderfully played by YARA SHAHADI in her 1st-ever acting role). She has a blanket that helps her talk to imaginary friends, & she never wants to let go of that Security cover…

…  At work, he’s often in unpleasant competition with Native American financial advisor Whitefeather (THOMAS HADEN CHURCH). By accident, Eddie realizes his daughter is communicating significant advance information about happenings affecting publicly traded companies, & he starts playing with her so he can get specific facts he could use for investment advice. He talks with her unseen friends, dances around, asks questions, & communicates the recommendations to others…

…  Altho Eddie often acts silly and periodically confrontational with Thomas & the girl’s mother (NICOLE ARI PARKER), it ‘FITS’ with the role & isn’t basically overdone (except one illogical action point near the end with a major investor played by MARTIN SHEEN). Thanks to effective acting (especially by very natural Yara), it’s enjoyable escapism.

                            TALK by STAR YARA SHAHADI

             Before the film was shown at the Hollywood Blvd theater in Woodridge, IL, YARA appeared in person to talk about making the film ( = see photos)...

...  She spoke of how they considered like 3000 girls for the role she got, and this is her first picture…

…  Yara is a cute, unusually well-spoken, relaxed, natural and unaffected young lady, who related how much she enjoyed working with Eddie (who she found to be very funny, at ease and helpful)... 

...  One of her favorite scenes in the film involved their making pancakes together, and she looks forward to possible future acting work because of all the fun she had making this one.

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