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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Review of film: “500 DAYS OF SUMMER” -- From Smitten to BITTEN over 1.36 years

Review of film:  500 DAYS OF SUMMER --  From Smitten to BITTEN over 1.36 years =

                                 Rating:  8.5 of 10 stars

(Based on an advance preview of a film scheduled to be released July 17, 2009:).  Summer is the name of a pretty woman (ZOOEY DESCHANEL) who starts working at the greeting card company where Tom (JOSEPH GORDON-LEVITT) is employed…

 He’s found it hard to get into deep connections with his women friends, despite being encouraged by his co-worker McKenzie (GEOFFREY AREND) & his best friend Paul (MATTHEW GRAY GUBLER)…

 After a naturally slow beginning (initially based on similar tastes in a bunch of music they like), Joe quickly becomes enamoured with his Summer time--  tho she from the start makes clear she ISN’T LOOKING for a serious relationship (&, as the movie says, this comedy ISN’T a "Love story")...

  Thru flashbacks & flash forwards, in a world of coincidences, there’s a clear and often warm-hearted explanation of the highs and lows of their times together (from karaoke nights to attending parties to her being supportive re his love of architecture)...

...  Over and over, when his Summer fling loses its bling & he feels devastated, Joe goes to his very young kid sister to get her wise input on what he should do to move forward…

 The film is sweet, charming, funny, believable, well-written, finely-ACTED by its 2 leads, and a bittersweet JOY to behold as Joe’s world drifts towards Autumn. 

               Joseph Gordon-Levitt (who’ll be seen later in 2009 as the Cobra Commander in “G.I. JOE: THE RISE OF THE COBRA”) showed an exceptional comic timing in his work as Tommy on TV’s “3rd ROCK FROM THE SUN” in 133 episodes from 1996-2001…

                     Since then, he has tended to AVOID comedy roles in his Indie film work, & showed some very strong dramatic chops in “MYSTERIOUS SKIN” (2004), “HAVOC” (2005), violence-prone student Brendan in “BRICK” (2005), mentally-challenged Chris Pratt in “THE LOOKOUT” (2007) & War-ravaged Tommy Burgess in “STOP-LOSS” (2008). 

                    His gentle and “put-upon / suffering” role in “SUMMER” may well “remind” people of his well-rounded ability to also effectively handle romantic and comedic roles.  I think you’ll enjoy seeing his “range”!

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