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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Review of film: “FIRED UP” – A MILD Cheer for a Cheery & Cheeky Film

Review of film:    FIRED UP  A MILD Cheer for a Cheery & Cheek-y Film =    

                    [ RATING:  6 of 10 stars ]  

Date Rated: Feb 20, 2009 | Rel. Date: Feb 20, 2009
(Based on an advance preview:) This comedy (purposely using the initials F-U) has 2 players of American football-- (NICHOLAS D’AGOSTO as Shawn, and ERIC CHRISTIAN OLSEN as Nick) -- decide it’d be more fun to attend a cheerleader’s camp than a football camp...

...  They do that because that’d allow them to “interact” with more pretty girls-- including their school’s Carly (SARAH ROEMER), who tends to see through their superficial ploys...

... There are surprisingly good performances from all the main leads, plus from supporting players such as JOHN MICHAEL HIGGINS as the competition Coach, ADHIR KALYAN (from “Aliens In America”) as a flamboyant contestant, and DAVID WALTON as Dr. Rick...

...  This movie is definitely fluff overall, and not very clever or well-written, with mostly just mild laughs -- but, it has such enthusiastic and smooth performances, you enjoy the well-constructed struggles in both the athletic and romantic realms.

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