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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Review of film: “THE DUCHESS” -- DUKE-ing it out with Disinterested and Illicit Lovers

Review of film  “THE DUCHESS  --  DUKE-ing it out with Disinterested and Illicit Lovers =   
                      [ Rating:  7 of 10 stars ]
Date Rated: Sep 25, 2008 | Rel. Date: Sep 19, 2008 =

[Based on an advance preview]  Here’s still another film “based” on a true story-- this about a distant 18th Century relative of Princess Diana (Spencer). KEIRA KNIGHTLEY marries a highly self-absorbed Duke (RALPH FIENNES) whose main interests are his DOGS & having her produce a male heir...

...   She doesn’t do what he wants, so he treats her far WORSE than his dogs &, in the midst of her becoming a fashionista & crowd favorite, she dabbles in (& with) politicians (such as DOMINIC COOPER) after her hubby takes up with other women (including HAYLEY ATWELL)...

...  I’ve always found it difficult to relate to the super-rich; so, while I like seeing “SPUNKY” people who deflate the stuffed-shirts around them & fight the narrow “expectations” of others (as is the case here), & while the ACTING is generally well-done & the story not a boring morass of clichés, I find it hard to get really super-enthused about this overall effort: it’s generally interesting & worth seeing, but nothing very special.

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