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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Review of film: “DEFIANCE” – Is it better to SAVE people or try for REVENGE?

Review of film:    DEFIANCE   Is it better to SAVE people or try for REVENGE?  =  
                  [ Rating:  8.75 of 10 stars ]
Date Rated: Jan 14, 2009 | Rel. Date: Dec 31, 2008
Please don’t be put-off by the fact this is another movie about the Nazis in World War II. It’s essentially based on certain true episodes about the 4 Bielski brothers who escaped into a forest in Belarus to try to save more than 1000 people from Hitler’s troops and their collaborators...

...  There is a great deal of tension between the two oldest brothers, Tuvia (DANIEL CRAIG) -- whose main goal is to save the ever-growing number of people looking for food and shelter --, and Zus (LIEV SCHREIBER), who is more interested in attacking the Germans and exacting revenge for their killings...

...  Brother Asael (JAMIE BELL) is caught in the middle between the opposing ideas. Throw in the Red Army (also fighting the Nazis in the area), loads of well-performed roles, and lots of stress, action, romance, ethical differences and difficult living conditions, and you have an enjoyable and uplifting story of courage in the face of thorny odds. The film may not be great, but it’s unusually well done.

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