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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Review of film: “WALL-E” – Put On Your Sunday Clothes (EVERY day!) =

Review of film:   “WALL-E  – Put On Your Sunday Clothes (EVERY day!) =   

               [ RATING:  9.5 of 10 stars ] 

Date Rated: Jul 22, 2008 | Rel. Date: Jun 27, 2008 =

It’s charming, clever -- & possibly only Pixar could’ve conceived a way to tell a believable story of LOVE between robots!...

...  WALL-E lives a lonely life as seemingly the only remaining working trash compactor robot on garbage-strewn Earth. Tho robotic, he has humanistic tendencies— being attached to his cockroach friend and happily assembling a collection of toys and miscellania he finds during his work...

...  And, he just adores watching cheerful video numbers from the old movie version of “HELLO, DOLLY!” Like Pixar’s “RATATOUILLE”, there’s an amazing number of subtle little things swirling around in this film as a second robot arrives on earth and WALL-E is transported to her home area: 

...  You can find observations about obesity, ecology, a fact-hiding “Big Brother” government, and probably hundreds of other little and great things...

...  The animation is (naturally) excellent, the voices are fitting, and the film is a JOY to behold. Let the androids teach you a bunch of things about humanity!

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