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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Review of film: “THE UGLY TRUTH” – Neanderthal BOOR meets Plastic UTIGHT Woman

Review of film:  THE UGLY TRUTH  Neanderthal BOOR meets Plastic UPTIGHT Woman   =

                           Rating: 6.5 of 10 stars

Basically, you’ve SEEN this basic premise before:  Abby (KATHRYN HEIGL) plays a pretty but UPTIGHT TV show producer in Sacramento who is so bad dealing with people, she has no boyfriend…

 She chances to see a boorish guy Mike  (GERARD BUTLER) on another channel’s “Ugly Truth” program & gets upset at the way he crudely comments on the way men REALLY “think” about women & vice versa.,,

 Naturally, her boss decides to HIRE him to improve ratings on their channel, & she’s supposedly in “charge” of his show. “Shockingly”, Gerard doesn’t listen to her instructions as he uses “forbidden” words & ideas on his segment-- & gets huge ratings for the station…

 As fate (or hackneyed writing) would have it, Kathryn meets a handsome new tenant in her building (ERIC WINTER), & listens to Gerard’s advice on how best to “ATTRACT” the charming Doctor guy (which mainly involves acting “disinterested”). Then, to everyone’s “amazement”, she & Gerard start to FALL for each other…

 There is one quite funny scene (about a remote control device in a restaurant), but that’s about IT in the “inventive” department. It’s not bad, but it’s mainly just “GRUFF” Fluff.

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