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Saturday, February 5, 2011

Review of film: a special Entry to “DISTRICT 9”

Review of film:  a special Entry to “DISTRICT 9

             --  A Multi-Layered, Action-Filled View of a Fearful New World =

                                 Rating:  9 of 10 stars.

Rather than starting with a slow build-up of the story, this begins with a very QUICKLY-moving Documentary-style intro into the tale of an Alien “Prawn”-like society that suddenly appears in Johannesburg, South Africa…

…  Irony abounds as those who once suffered under Apartheid are often involved in subjugating (& at times ripping off & selling weapons to) the new arrivals, who are herded into a depressing shantytown…

…  Wikus (SHARLTO COPELY) is the jaunty leader of the effort to evict the aliens into another less “noticeable” area-- & little by little, he starts to get disillusioned with the secretive behind-the scenes efforts of powerful politicians & the military-industrial complex to manage the effort for their own special agendas…

…  He also starts to get a special understanding of the alien society & starts being treated as both super-valuable and an enemy by those in authority…

…  There are finely-staged action scenes & special effects (strikingly done by Peter Jackson’s Weta group), fascinating inter-species interplay, & a good set-up for a seemingly-likely SEQUEL. An impressive, thought-provoking sci-fi!    

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