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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Review of film: “THE SOLOIST” – Alone on MANY different levels

Review of film:  THE SOLOIST   Alone on MANY different levels = 
                                    [ Rating:  8 of 10 stars ]
Date Rated: Apr 22, 2009 | Rel. Date: Apr 24, 2009
(Per an advance preview:) JAMIE FOXX does a fantastic job playing a homeless guy in L.A. who was once a gifted musician who later developed various schizophrenic & emotional problems as he wanders the streets...

...  This tells the true story of how a newspaper columnist (finely played by ROBERT DOWNEY JR.) chances to meet Foxx, writes about his story, and his many efforts to try to make life EASIER for him-- by encouraging him to return to playing the cello, to find a safer place to live and to interact with other homeless people…
 Because of the difficulties inherent in Foxx’s psyche, his ramblings & recurrent departures from reality, Downey has a frequently tricky and demanding time in dealing with him and others in his life (including his ex-wife & co-worker CATHERINE KEENER)...

...  The film effectively portrays the young Foxx, his growth and his later descent into a life filled with problems. It’s not always easy to deal with, but it’s UPLIFTING seeing the progress that the homeless can make…

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