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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Review of film: “A PERFECT GETAWAY” – When you’re honeymooning, best to Avoid the “RED SNAPPERS”

Review of film:  A PERFECT GETAWAYWhen you’re honeymooning, best to Avoid the “RED SNAPPERS”  =

                               Rating:  8 of 10 stars (based upon an advance screening).

Hawaii’s a great place to honeymoon— if you’re around the “RIGHT people”. As the film begins, Screenwriter Cliff (STEVE ZAHN) is in the islands with his girl Cydney (MILLIE JOVAVICH)…

 But, it seems the newspaper has reported the murders of a honeymooning couple by some mysterious guy & gal, making people very “wary” of OTHER people around them. Thus, when they’re hiking & meet couple Kale (tattooed & hostile CHRIS HEMSWORTH) & his flaky gal Cleo (MARLEY SHELTON), people are all very “ill-at-ease”...

 That’s the same case & “amplified” when ex-vet Nick (TIMOTHY OLYPHANT) & his woman Gina (KIELE SANCHEZ) suddenly pop-up. So, as people travel around the island, tension builds more & more between various individuals because of the “RED SNAPPERS” that are raised by the writer (which is a phrase used in the film)…

 Actually, the movie is well constructed & fascinating, with good performances by all involved (particularly Zahn who usually tends to do comic rather than serious roles like this one). It’s not “perfect”, but you should Get Away & SEE it if you like mystery – thrillers.   

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