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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Review of film: “OBSERVE & REPORT” -- I Watched, & Inform you to THINK TWICE before spending $ on this

Review of film:  OBSERVE & REPORT” --  I Watched, & Inform you to THINK TWICE before spending $ on seeing this!  =

               [ Rating: 6 of 10 stars = SO-SO at best  ]

(Per an advance preview:)  In ’08, SETH ROGEN starred in “PINEAPPLE EXPRESS”. To me, that supposed comedy disintegrated when uncalled-for extreme VIOLENCE was interjected into the story. I’m sorry to say the SAME thing is generally true of his newest film, “OBSERVE”…

  It’s the story of a delusion-filled Mall cop (Rogen) with BI-POLAR problems (which, from knowing some such people personally, I don’t find particularly funny). Smitten by a Cosmetic Consultant (ANNA FARIS) at the mall, he strives to “protect” her from a Flasher there…

 His crew of assistants are mildly funny (as is the movie overall)...

...  But, tho decently acted, it’s often a MISH-MOSH of disjointed and POINTLESS ideas & incidents— Rogen fighting a group of cops (led by RAY LIOTTA), engaging in meaningless DRUG use, attacking groups of often INNOCENT people (such as skate-boarding kids), interacting with his usually-drunk mother, trying to act heroic (thru excessive aggression), etc….

  It’s PPI+S (= Purposely-Politically-"Incorrect" + Sensationalized), but, while it's not horrible, it could have been SO much BETTER (with clever writing, etc.)!  

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