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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Review of film: “MY SISTER’S KEEPER” – That’s what she is, & someone wants it to STOP!

Review of film:  MY SISTER’S KEEPER

              – That’s what she is, & someone wants it to STOP!  -- 

           Rating:  8 of 10 stars (as seen in an advance preview): 

Director Nick Cassavetes has created a story that could easily have been just a tear-jerker— but instead has an unusual balance & fine ACTING by all its major characters that adds to its overall worth…

 Strong-willed Sara (CAMERON DIAZ) is almost obsessed with keeping her frequently-ill eldest daughter Kate (SOPHIA VASSILIEVA) alive. Her husband (JASON PATRIC) wearily gives in to what she wants. Their the next oldest child, son Jesse (EVAN ELLINGSON), wants to help, but he’s incompatible as a donor…

 The parents then decide to create ‘test-tube’ baby Anna (ABIGAIL BRESLIN) who’s specifically produced to be a donor. Anna has to undergo one operation after another to try to help Kate, and, at one point, she rebels & seeks the help of a lawyer (ALEC BALDWIN) to STOP her parents from being able to compel her cooperation medically…

 That situation is fought before an understanding judge (JOAN CUSACK). In the midst of sadness, there’s periodic situational humor, a romance between Kate & Taylor (THOMAS DEKKER), and tensions among the warmth and tribulations. It’s unusually successful in providing believable characterizations and hopefulness for the family’s future.

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