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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Review of film: “MY LIFE IN RUINS” – Less Ruins = More LIVING!

Review of film:  MY LIFE IN RUINS Less Ruins = More LIVING!   =

                           Rating:  7 of 10 stars 

Date Rated: Jun 4, 2009 | Rel. Date: Jun 5, 2009

(Per an advance screening) =  In 2003, NIA VARDALOS surprised the world (& possibly herself) by starring in a fabulously successful ‘small’ film called 'My Big Fat Greek Wedding'. This is a sort of belated “follow-up” to that success…

 This time, she plays a tour guide in Greece who grows increasingly discouraged at how the tourists don’t have an appreciation for the HISTORY (& its ruins) that she loves...

...  The smorgasbord of travelers from various countries (including a kleptomaniac and a cellphone-dependent businessman) seem to prefer kitschy souvenirs to learning about the Hellenic culture as they travel around the country…

 Humor-loving widower Irv (RICHARD DREYFUSS) keeps urging her to try to ‘lighten-up’ & ENJOY life (including their bus-driver Poupi, played by ALEXIS GEORGOULIS)...

...  Little by little, she gets closer to her tourists, fights sabotage by a rival tour guide, and learns that, the more she relaxes and tries to interact with her charges, the happier and more open-minded EVERYONE becomes…

 It’s a simple light-hearted story, but well-acted (especially by the 2 main leads + many of the supporting players), and thus I think you’ll find this romantic comedy charming and enjoyable.  

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