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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Review of film: “HANCOCK” -- Superheroes don’t always have Super LIVES!

Review of film:   “HANCOCK”  --  Superheroes don’t always have Super LIVES!  = 

                [ RATING:  8.5 of 10 stars ] 

Date Rated: Jul 15, 2008 | Rel. Date: Jul 2, 2008 =

As John Hancock (WILL SMITH) frequently learns, excessive alcohol use doesn’t tend to help the elegance of your flying, landing and inter-personal relationships-- even if you are a supposed superhero (for reasons you don’t really recall)...

...  After Will chances to help him, P.R. guy Ray Embrey (JASON BATEMAN) tries to return the favor by offering to reshape Will’s image. Ray’s wife Mary (CHARLIZE THERON) has her own special reasons for having often-distant and sometimes-“strained” dealings with Will...

...  All the main characters do fine, “believable” jobs (in periodically hard-to-believe roles), and there’s an unusually good blend of both humor and crook-fighting action in this enjoyable twist on common themes.

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