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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Review of film: “CONFESSIONS OF A SHOPAHOLIC” – The Idea was better than the Execution

Review of film:  CONFESSIONS OF A SHOPAHOLIC  –  The Idea was better than the Execution   = 

                                      Rating:  7 of 10 stars (based on a DVD copy projected at a library). 

I have MIXED feelings about this: it’s well-acted (considering the to-me WEAK SCRIPT), has very good costuming & set decoration, & is periodically funny.  But, it seems they couldn’t decide whether they wanted it to be a “screwball” comedy (which some of it is) or a clever rom-com (which it usually DOESN’T succeed at)…

 ISLA FISHER plays a journalist who wants to write about fashion because she’s a SHOPAHOLIC, buying loads of clothes she simply doesn’t need & can’t afford.  As she says, “When I shop, the world gets better”…

  She’s hounded by a debt collector, fights with someone at the fashion mag, etc. In time, she’s hired by the editor of a Financial magazine (HUGH DANCY), supposedly because of her “common sense” (which the script FAILS to really show) & her great writing (which also is deficiently demonstrated)…

 Her friend Suze (KRYSTEN RITTER) is written as a sort of “flake”, as are her parents (well portrayed by JOHN GOODMAN & JOAN CUSACK). Perky Isla does a good job (especially in her fan-dancing scene), but too much of the film comes across as wispy FLUFF rather than following thru on its potential.    

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