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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Review of film: “ALIEN TRESPASS” – The Day The Earth Stood PARTIALLY Still

Review of film:  ALIEN TRESPASSThe Day The Earth Stood PARTIALLY Still  =

                          Rating:  7 of 10 stars.

(From an advance preview of an April 3, 2009 release:)  “It Came From Another Galaxy. A Creeping, Crawling Nightmare of Terror.” That tagline is used in this sendup of 1950-style SCI-FI movies…

 ERIC McCORMACK plays the typically “wooden” hero / scientist. JENNY BAIRD plays a diner waitress who becomes the heroine in helping “Marshall” Urp try to find and defeat the “Creature”. DAN LAURIA (the father in “The Wonder Years”) plays the Sheriff in Mojave with effective gruffness and moralism…

 There are the usual staples of such movies: the typically-cheesy-looking “special effects” from such period films, the “wild” teenagers, the crotchety and dim-witted townspeople, the disbelieving Law & Order people, and the unforgettable (as-much-as-you-might-like-to) dialogue (such as “EDSELS will be around forever!”)...

   It really is almost “frighteningly” close to the old “B” movies of that era— but it’s also FUN, good-natured, periodically FUNNY (in a mild way), and an enjoyable 1.5 hours.

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