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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Review of film: “YOUNG@HEART” -- Fairy Tales Do Come True, It Can Happen To You, If You're [at]

Review of film:   YOUNG@HEART"  --  Fairy Tales Do Come True, It Can Happen To You, If You're [at] –


    [ RATING:  9 of 10 stars ] 

Date Rated: Apr 23, 2008 | Rel. Date: Apr 9, 2008 =

The above is the basic start of a once-popular song which has the same name as this wonderful film (except for "at" now being replaced by the web-updated "@" in the title). This documentary covers singers (average age: 80) who, rather than giving up on life, have an uplifting ENTHUSIASM about living the time they have left.  Rather than concentrate on old standards, the men and women work hard to sing popular ROCK songs along with other genres...

…  The great thing about this film is the way the individual singers aren't afraid to be THEMSELVES, following their own "drummers" and sometimes-quirky senses of humor (because, at times they really ARE "characters"-- of the UNFORGETTABLE type)…

…  They have problems (physical, memory and otherwise) as they try to learn sometimes-difficult lyrics. But, they keep "plugging-away", never wanting to give up & wanting to give their ALL to their audiences. You'll likely get a real KICK out of this indomitable group as you laugh and cry along with them.

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