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Saturday, May 14, 2011

Report on DVD release: “THE LADIES MAN”

2001, 07-22:

Report on DVD release: THE LADIES MAN

[3rd DVD commentary:] 
...  Unfortunately, the same NOT really funny!” situation re “DOWN TO EARTH” is true concerning the film "THE LADIES MAN"...

...  Quoting the same "suspect" Fox-TV reviewer Shawn Edwards, it claims this is the "Funniest comedy of the year!”. In my opinion, Shawndon't know ‘diddley’--” much less comedy!... 

...  [It seems like, Shawn can always find something “GLOWING” to say about a film if it’ll get his NAME in PRINT...  If you see him “quoted” in ADS, it’s likely because almost no one ELSE had much of anything really good to say about the movie in question!... You might think of him as a warning “canary” in a dark “mine shaft” of the film world...]

...  The acting here of TIM MEADOWS is considerably better than Rock's [in “DOWN TO EARTH”], & his Saturday Night Live’s character {of] “Leon Phelps” as a call-in-radio “love"-expert is inherently more humorous than Rock's...

...  But, [I found] the writing [to be] sadly WEAK, the "getting in[to] trouble" situations aren't very effective, and there's just not very much of worth to this 5-star film directed by Reginald Hudlin...

... The problems aren't that these films showcase so-called "black" humor-- it's that they feature so much LACK of real humor!...)

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