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Saturday, May 14, 2011

Review of film: “THE PRINCESS DIARIES”

2001, 07-22:

Review of film:  “THE PRINCESS DIARIES

Things went surprisingly  “smoothly" at OTHER recent Previews (which makes me almost  “fearful” another cosmic shoe”  is  about to drop somewhere soon ...)

...  “PRINCESS DIARIES” stars JULIE ANDREWS in the charming tale of a queen who tries to make her careless, ugly-duckling granddaughter [ANNE HATHAWAY] into a more sophisticated, better-groomed person interested in eventually becoming in-line for ruling a country between Spain & France...

...  Tho it risked wallowing in foolish or sappy actions, it's reailly well-done, & so positive & uplifting that numerous kids in the audience were CHEERING heartily at the conclusion...   A 7 star (out of 10) enjoyment...

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