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Saturday, May 14, 2011

Report on DVD release: “WAYNE’S WORLD” 1 & 2

2001, 07-22:

Report on DVD release: WAYNE’S WORLD” 1 & 2

[4th DVD commentary:]  ... If you want to see

 some really ENJOYABLE comedy work, I recommend you "schwing" into the video releases of WAYNE’S WORLD& its sequel "W-W 2" [WAYNE’S WORLD 2”], starring MIKE MYERS in his pre-“Austin‑Powers” days..

...  The initial video has [Aurora, IL-based] cable-TV "stars" Wayne (Mike) & Garth (DANA CARVEY) wooed by a sneaky, smarmy TV producer (ROB LOWE).
...  With its take-offs on other films, it’s good-natured NUTTY ridiculousness, and its catchy lines ( “No way.”  WAY!”, etc.), this is a [clever] comedy you can truly get PLEASURE from...

...  The same is true of the SEQUEL, with its take-off of the Village People’s [famous]  "YMCA” [song] number as the guys try to produce a rock concert with Aerosmith called “WAYNESTOCK”, while an evil record producer (CHRISTOPHER WALKEN) tries to foil them [in their plans]...

...  Yeah, these films are SILLY--  but they’re MEANT to be that way, & succeed in being FUNNY in an easy-going way...  On the widescreen” versions, both of these 7.5-of-10 star films have Director commentaries [plus] cast & crew interviews [as Special features]...

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