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Monday, March 21, 2011

Review of film: “REMEMBER ME”

2010, 03-10:

Review of film:  REMEMBER ME


Allen Coulter


Will Fetters


Caitlyn Rund           
Kevin P. McCarthy
Chris Cooper
Robert Pattinson     
Lena Olin
Gregory Jbara
Ruby Jerins
Pierce Brosnan
Angela Pietropinto
Tate Ellington
David Deblinger

Emilie de Ravin

MPAA Rating:

PG-13 for violence, sexual content, language and smoking.


 “You promised you’d quit.”
“She wishes she was 21.”
“I guess it was just here to TEASE me.”
“I don’t want to be bailed out of anything.”
“I’m undecided--  about EVERYTHING.”
“He failed himself.”
“I take after my mother.”

“Does she know?”

“I’m not going anywhere.”
“I know you got NOTHING.”
“Your dad was here.”
“I didn’t mean to hurt you.”
“Thanks for bailing me out.”
“Good. I love you, too!”
“Whatever you do will be insignificant…”

MY Rating:

8 of 10 stars (based on an advance screening of the 2 hr. 8-minute film).

     Some Relationships end-up with people Using oodles of NOODLES

When the film starts in 1991, we meet 11-year-old Alyssa Craig (then played by CAITLYN PAIGE RUND) who is on an elevated train platform with her mother--  who is fatally shot as part of a robbery attempt… 

…  The film then shows the world 10 years after that traumatic event, wherein Ally (now played by EMILIE DE RAVIN) is living with her now super-watchful police Sergeant father Neil (CHRIS COOPER)...

...  She’s a very independent but thoughtful college student, in a class with a guy named Tyler Hawkins (ROBERT PATTINSON)…  She has a strong vitality about her, & is able to be both playful & serious in life (as “referred” to in my “title” words)…

…  Robert has a sadly dysfunctional family:  He lives in a rundown, poorly-kept-up apartment with his self-centered roommate Aidan Hall (TATE ELLINGTON), & Robert tends to be frequently angry, upset & moody--  in part because his 6-years-older brother Michael died in a suicide, & Robert (still deeply hurt by the event) keeps writing a Journal about his own life “addressed” to Michael… 

…  Robert is very warm & supportive of his 11-year-old sister Caroline (RUBY JERINS)— always encouraging her in her desire to be a painter (especially because that’s made her look “odd” to her classmates)… 

...  He feels very hurt that his divorced Big Shot businessman father Charles (PIERCE BROSNAN) tends to IGNORE his sister and also treats him with a general “disregard” in life (frequently acting “too BUSY” to do things with his kids)…

…  Robert enjoys spending time with Ruby--  but the “family” situations tend to only involve his seemingly-remarried mom Diane Hirsch (LENA OLIN) & her hubby Les (GREGORY JBARA), with Tate often added in as “part” of the group…

…  When they’re alone, Tate is often found urging Robert to join him in getting drunk & chasing after certain girls.  On a certain summer nite out, Robert doesn’t like how some guys in the street are bothering other guys, intervenes, & then “mouths-off” to a COP who arrives.  That causes the cop to beat him into “submission” & then into jail…

…  Wouldn’t you know it --  that cop happens to be the father of Emilie.  Tate discovers the relationship, & pushes Robert to get “back” at the cop thru “getting” with his daughter…  But, tho he doubted such a thing could happen, Robert starts really “falling” for her, and acts in a gentlemanly & kindly manner towards Emilie…

…  Her dad doesn’t like that Emilie seems to be growing increasingly “distant” (such as not returning home when she’d promised)…  She and Robert seem to be falling more & more in love with each other, & there you have the “GIST” of the elements that will “roil” the story…

…  Will Emilie learn WHY Robert initially got “together” with her, &, if so, how will she “react”?…  Will her very-possessive dad Chris “TRACK her down”, &, if so, what will that “do” to her relationship with Robert?…

… Will certain SECRETS be revealed about Robert & Emilie?…  Will Tate tend to cause more upsets in the various “connections”?…  Will Robert ever get Pierce to be more actively CARING about his kids?…   Will people start to really “USE” their “noodles”?…

…  The movie has some very thought-provokingTWISTS” at the end, & surprisingly strong performances by the main leads (especially Robert, who shows he can really “FIT” into a complex (non-Vampire) character…  (By the way--  he was one of the Executive Producers of the film--  possibly realizing how much it could help him “showcase” himself to a wider public…)

…  The trailers didn’t make this appear to be anything “distinct” as a movie--  but, while there are some weaker sections (particularly around the middle), the ending helped make this a remarkably GOOD little film about the difficulties in relationships & what people can “LEARN” from each other in life…

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