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Saturday, March 19, 2011

Review of film: “COP OUT”

2010, 02-22:

Review of film:  COP OUT


Kevin Smith


Robb Cullen
Mark Cullen


Bruce Willis
Tracy Morgan
Juan Carlos Hernández
Cory Fernandez
Jason Hurt
Jeff Lima
Sean Cullen
Kevin Pollak
Adam Brody
Guillermo Diaz
Jeremy Dash
Mando Alvarado
Michelle Trachtenberg
Jason Lee
Francie Swift
Rashida Jones
Keith Joe Dick
Seann William Scott
Ernest O'Donnell
Jim Norton
Harry L. Seddon
Susie Essman

MPAA Rating:

R for pervasive language including sexual references, violence and brief sexuality.


“No sleep ‘til Brooklyn.”
“I know some dogs don’t even make it to nine years.”
“They call me Mr. Tibbs.”
“Bless me, Father, for I am ABOUT to sin!”
“You’re going to be my eyes, little bear.”
“This is Police brutality!”  --  “Not YET!”
“Paul is dirty.”
“Think of us [for] your diary.”
“You really [got] that one WRONG.”
“I knit sweaters.”
“Don’t give up on love...”

MY Rating:

8 of 10 stars (based on an advance screening of the approx.105-minute film).

These Cops are Out for NUTTINESS & Distress

Director KEVIN SMITH (“CLERKS”, “ZACK & MIRI MAKE A PORNO”, etc.) decided to “branch out” and for once direct a film he himself did NOT write, namely, this.  But he did keep his ability to construct a film played with a bunch of good LAUGHS:

…  BRUCE WILLIS plays Jimmy Monroe , a veteran cop (--now, there’s an “unusual” role for him!…)  His partner is Paul Hodges (TRACY MORGAN), who loves reciting dialogue from famous FILMS when interrogating suspects--  to the amusement of Bruce who finds him horribly “hammy”…

…  Bruce’s daughter Ava (MICHELLE TRACHTENBERG) is about to get married in 6 weeks, & she & her mother Pam (Bruce’s divorced wife, played by FRANCIE SWIFT) want a big, expensive wedding costing nearly $ 50,000.  Bruce is deeply displeased when the new “stepdad” Roy (JASON LEE) offers to pay for it instead, & vows to find a way to cover the cost on his own

…  Covering it means Bruce has to sell a rare BASEBALL CARD of Andy Pafko (who played for the Chicago Cubs, tho that’s not the card in question)…  As he tries to do that, a smart-aleck crook named Dave (SEANN WILLIAM SCOTT) chances to ROB him & the store he’s at--  which necessitates Bruce & “oblivious” Tracy trying to find him to recover the card…  When they do find him, he drives Tracy crazy with his nonsense patter…

…  In order to try to catch a gang of violent Mexican criminals in New York, Tracy dons a costume as a Cell Phone as if he’s working at a communications store.  But, when the store is shot up, he & Bruce get suspended from the force, to the delight of their jealous fellow cops Hunsaker (KEVIN POLLAK) & his partner Barry Mangold (ADAM BRODY)...

…  Bit by bit, Bruce & Tracy (who’s doubting the fidelity of his wife) track down Bruce’s card to being in the possession of Poh Boy (GUILLERMO DIAZ), the leader of the gang of Mexican criminals who also happens to be a big collector of sports-related memorabilia… In return for the card, Guillermo wants Bruce to find a car he’s had stolen from his control…

…  Naturally, Sean, Kevin & Adam get “caught-up” in the various machinations of the main characters…  Will Bruce FIND the car (& the “secret” item INSIDE of it that Guillermo really wants)?…  Will Bruce get his CARD back?…  Will Tracy find out if his wife (RASHIDA JONES) has been FAITHFUL to him?…  What will happen to Sean, Kevin & Adam?…

…  There were loads of “full” LAUGHS, both to the situations & the nuttiness of Tracy + in appreciation for how well he partnered with Bruce…  Yes, a bunch of it is “CHEESY” and / or “SILLY” humor, but it’s really effective, enjoyable, & the movie (with a bundle of action to go along with the amusement) is a lot of FUN…  A SUCCESSFUL “buddy”-action-comedy…

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